"SpeedyBiker Xtreme is definitely one of the better games out there available for iPhone, iPad that is absolutely FREE!"


Speedy Biker Xtreme
Speedy Biker Xtreme is now FREE and we’ve also tricked out the app with a TRACK EDITOR, new obstacles, 5 new tracks, a store, and many other features. Did I mention it’s free! Why are you still reading this? Download it now!

If you are not sold yet, here are the new features in detail:

New Track Editor
Build and edit your own tracks and share them with your friends.  You can also challenge them to beat your time on your newly custom designed tracks! Our editor offers lots of obstacle presets ready to use or you can tweak pieces and create completely new obstacles.

Track Central
The best submitted tracks are being published periodically in Track Central.

New Biker Store
Earn coins by winning races in Amateur and Pro modes and use the coins in our store to buy track packs.  New African and European track packs have already been released for purchase.  More track packs coming soon.
Win Real Rewards
We just inked a deal with Kiip, so now you can win REAL rewards by winning races or by unlocking achievements.
As always we still feature track locations across the globe complete with bone-jarring jumps, dizzying whoop-de-doos, ramps, mud, and obstacles galore.
       Xtreme Features:
  • Full track editor
  • Kiip support for Real Rewards
  • Realistic physics
  • Challenge a friend to beat your best times
  • Full accelerometer support
  • New control schemes


       Available on the iPhone

         Download Press Kit


  • 14 track locations
  • Head-2-Head over Bluetooth
  • Awesome particle effects
  • Ghost race against your friend's best times
  • Openfeint and Game Center Support